Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown nails occur when the edges of the nail grow into the skin surrounding the nails. It’s one of the most commonly seen nail conditions in a podiatry clinic.

Patients often present with painful toe(s) with swelling around the affected nails, redness, pus or even an abscess.


  • Pressure from ill-fitting footwear
  • Improper nail trimming
  • Trauma on the toe
  • Fungal nail infection
  • Abnormal shaping of the nail plate – flat, wide, curled, pincer-like
  • Any disease that cause an abnormal nail plate (i.e. psoriasis)

​Treatment options:

  1. Remove the offending nail spicule (procedure to be carried out by a podiatrist with sterile instruments)
  2. Footwear changes – good fitting shoes with wide and deep toe box is recommended to prevent excessive pressure on the toes
  3. Proper nail trimming technique – cut your nails straight across and keep the nails at moderate length (not too long or too short)
  4. Nail surgery – permanently removing the offending portion of the nail with an in-office, minimally invasive surgical procedure is recommended for recurrent cases.

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