Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive medical imaging modality used to dynamically assess different structures such as muscle, tendon, ligament and bone. Images and video can be taken live to assess how different tissues are behaving. Due to its benefits, there’s a growing body of research to support using ultrasound to assess and review foot and ankle injuries. For example, there’s minimal to no pain or discomfort when having an ultrasound examination.

Bounce podiatrists are experienced in using and interpreting diagnostic ultrasound. This saves you time as there’s no need to arrange a separate ultrasound. It also means you receive immediate feedback on your injury. We use ultrasound to review your progress and to track any changes during your treatment journey.

We commonly use the diagnostic ultrasound to assess many different conditions including: plantar fasciitis and plantar fascia tears, Achilles tendinopathy, heel spurring, Morton’s neuroma/intermetatarsal neuritis, arthritis in the midfoot or big toe joint, bursitis and plantar plate tears.

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We are committed to solving the problem rather than offering a quick fix. In addition to treatment we’ll provide advice on how you can make small adjustments to reduce your pain, minimise the risk of injury and improve your quality of life.