Virtual Health Consults

Bounce Podiatry has introduced an innovative and convenient way to conduct podiatry consultations.

We’re committed to helping you with the following issues;

  • Constantly in agony when you move around ?
  • Tired of putting up with your foot pain?
  • Can’t leave home?
  • No time to visit a podiatry clinic to get your feet looked at?

Look no further.

The podiatrists at Bounce Podiatry are available to help you get back to feeling your best today – all from the comfort of your own home via video consultation.

What is a virtual podiatry consult?

A virtual podiatry consultation is a private one-to-one consultation which takes place between you and your podiatrist via video call on your mobile device or computer over a secure internet connection.

At Bounce Podiatry, much of what we need to do in a face-to-face consultation can also be done over the internet using a simple and easy platform.

We’re able to understand your problems by asking you to perform a series of specific assessments to allow us to understand your foot concerns.

At the end of your extended virtual consultation, we provide a patient specific management plan and/or exercise program to help you get back to feeling your best.

Conditions we can treat virtually

Possible podiatry conditions we can treat virtually include (but are not limited to):

  • Heel pain / plantar fasciitis management
  • Tendinopathies (i.e. Achilles, peroneals)
  • Sports injuries
  • Ankle injuries
  • Skin conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Verrucae (commonly known as warts)
  • Orthotic reviews (drops and send)
  • Fungal reviews
  • Nail conditions

How it works

Book your complimentary 15-minute virtual consultation on your mobile device or computer.

Book Online

  • 01.

    You’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to your video appointment after booking.

  • 02.

    If you’re a new patient, an information sheet will be sent out for you to fill out prior to the appointment. This ensures the podiatrist has adequate information to help you during your consultation.

  • 03.

    Prior to the appointment, you receive an email from your podiatrist inviting you to join the video call via a link

  • 04.

    Join the video call at the time of your appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our normal billing process and fees are charged based on the consultation type.

  • In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicare has made Tele-health consultation available for all allied health services for patients with an existing chronic disease management (CDM) plan, which they will be fully bulk-billed.

    For patients without a CDM plan, medicare will only pay for a face-to-face consultation.

  • Online consultation can only be claimed through selected private health funds. Please check with them prior to choosing to claim for a virtual consultation.

  • At the time of booking your extended virtual consultation payment will be required. This will be performed through Medipass or Stripe.

  • We understand that things happen that may stop you from attending your scheduled session. If you need to cancel we require 24 hours’ notice. To avoid paying a cancellation fee, we require you to reschedule the new appointment within 24 hours either side of your original appointment.

We’ll find a solution that suits you

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We are committed to solving the problem rather than offering a quick fix. In addition to treatment we’ll provide advice on how you can make small adjustments to reduce your pain, minimise the risk of injury and improve your quality of life.