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Bounce Podiatry offer Photodynamic Therapy to treat fungal nails using PACT ® Nail Fungus Therapy.

Photodynamic therapy is the term given to describe the interaction between light and photosensitive agents. This works by applying a gel (photosensitive agent) to the toenail. When the light is applied, it interacts with the gel and causes photochemical reactions, which result in cellular changes within the nail to effectively kill fungi that is found on the skin or around the nail.  


We use photodynamic therapy to treat fungal nail conditions

We began using PACT Fungal Laser Therapy  2 years ago to treat fungal nail complaints. The nails may be thickened, discoloured or lifting off the nail bed. The cause of fungal infections may be from nail trauma, a weakened immune system, chronic diseases or environmental factors such as poor hygiene.  The consecutive application of 3 sessions ensures that the fungal spores are adequately targeted and killed. 

3 sessions within 1 week gets the best results.

A few clinical trials have been published on photodynamic therapy demonstrating that it is effective and well tolerated. Photodynamic therapy appears to be a promising alternative to conventional antifungal therapy.

Gupta, A


PACT ® Nail Fungus Therapy


To be eligible for the PACT ® Nail Fungus Therapy Package, which consists of 3 applications over one week. You must first have an initial consultation.

If your podiatrist recommends the PACT ® Fungal Therapy, you will be able to book your sessions in your own time with our happiness officer. 

Session One: Initial Consultation

45 minute consultation

This appointment may include:

  • (a) diagnose your nail complaint
  • (b)Your podiatrist will do a mechanical debride of the nail with a burr or file. This is to reduce the thickness of the nail to allow better penetration of the gel and light.
  • (c) Your podiatrist may use a chemical debridement, with the use of 40% Urea. This is applied to severely infected fungal nails to further enhance the effect of the PACT treatment. Your podiatrist will discuss this with you.  You will have to apply this for a few days before your first PACT ® treatment.

Session 2-4: PACT ® Nail Fungus Therapy Package

Three x 15-45 minute sessions (depending on nail damage)

In these sessions we will:

  • A Nail Fungus gel is applied to cover the entire nail plate, including the side grooves and above and below the nail plate (see image). The Nail Fungus Gel is left to stand for 10 minutes before the light application.
  • The PACT ® LED light is applied to each affected nail plate for 9.5 minutes.
  • Your footwear will be sterilised with our UV footwear steriliser
  • Provide tips on how to prevent re-infection 
Is the Initial Consultation included in the package?

No, the Initial Consultation is not included in the PACT ® Fungal Laser Therapy package and is charged as a separate payment. 

Do the sessions have to take place over 1 week?

PACT ® Fungal Laser Therapy must take place over a minimum period of 1 weeks as this ensures the appropriate dosage is applied to kill the fungal spores. Repeat sessions may be required for more severe fungal nail presentations.

How is the PACT ® Fungal Laser Therapy package charged?

The PACT ®Fungal Laser Therapy sessions will be charged per session – to obtain the discounted rate for thePACT ® Fungal Therapy package you must book and attend all three sessions. If you fail to do so, you will be charged the additional cost for a standard PACT ® Fungal Therapy and will not be able to access the PACT ® Fungal Laser Therapy package in the future.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?

We understand that things happen that may stop you from attending your scheduled session. If you need to cancel we require 24 hours’ notice. To keep the PACT ®Fungal Laser Therapy package price you must reschedule the new appointment within 24 hours either side of your original appointment.

Can I claim this through private health?

Yes, you may be able to claim for PACT ® Fungal Laser Therapy therapy depending on your private health cover. We have a HICAPS machine on site.

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