Do you have chronic heel pain?

Try our shockwave package

Do you have chronic heel pain?

Try our shockwave package

Is heel pain making it difficult to get through each day?


Heel pain, or plantar fasciitis, is a very common foot condition that causes ongoing pain and discomfort. It can be debilitating particularly if you are very active or spend a lot of time on your feet. Pain medication can provide immediate relief but isn’t suitable long term. Podiatrists are the specialists for treating heel pain due to their extensive knowledge of the foot and lower limb structures. 


At Bounce, we can help you return to your daily activities as well as reduce your pain!


We use shockwave therapy to treat heel pain conditions

We began using shockwave therapy last year to treat a range of chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Plantar Fasciitis is the most common condition we treat with shockwave. Many of our clients have experienced pain relief after just one session.

The best results are seen after at least three sessions.


Reported success rate

The Amazing Benefits

Boost Healing

Improve Pain

Reduce Inflammation


Get more value with our shockwave package

Our shockwave package includes three 15 minute shockwave therapy sessions, offering you a saving of $60.


Shockwave Treatment Process


To be eligible for the shockwave package, you must first have an initial consultation.

If your podiatrist recommends the shockwave package we will book in your three shockwave sessions after your initial consultation.

The shockwave therapy sessions will take place over a three week period (one session per week).

Week One: Initial Consultation

45 minute consultation

This appointment may include:

  • Diagnostic ultrasound assessment
  • Confirm diagnosis
  • Footwear review and prescription
  • Basic exercise prescription
  • Set goals for your treatment journey
  • Implement a holistic management plan to complement your shockwave therapy treatment

Week Two-Four: Shockwave Therapy Sessions

Three x 15 minute sessions

In these sessions we will:

  • Use shockwave therapy
  • Check your progress with the treatment plan
  • Address any issues with the treatment plan
Is the Initial Consultation included in the package?
No, the Initial Consultation is not included in the shockwave package and is charged as a separate payment. It is required to ensure that shockwave therapy is a suitable treatment option for you.
Do the sessions have to take place over 3 weeks?
Shockwave therapy must take place over a minimum period of three weeks as having more than one shockwave treatment per week can have negative side effects and aggravate your condition. The shockwave sessions can take place over a longer period, however, this may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
How is the shockwave package charged?
The shockwave sessions will be charged per session – to obtain the discounted rate for the shockwave package you must book and attend all three sessions. If you fail to do so, you will be charged the additional cost for a standard shockwave session and will not be able to access the shockwave package in the future.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?
We understand that things happen that may stop you from attending your scheduled session. If you need to cancel we require 24 hours’ notice. To keep the shockwave package price you must reschedule the new appointment within 24 hours either side of your original appointment.
Can I claim this through private health?
Yes, you may be able to claim for shockwave therapy depending on your private health cover. We have a HICAPS machine on site.

Want to know more?


Want to know more?