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Did you know having a high blood sugar level has a negative impact on your food health? You must be thinking, how does having too much sugar affect my food? Well, I’m here to tell you all about diabetes and how it affects the food and all that.

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Hi, my name is Jen, and I won a podiatrist here at Boston’s podiatry. And it’s important to pay attention to your foot health when you have diabetes. This is because people with prolonged high blood sugar missed a higher chance of developing chronic foot conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease and foot deformities.

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Here’s how high blood sugar affects defeat. The high blood sugar content in your blood vessels can gradually damage your blood vessels by constricting or narrowing the blood vessels in the body. This inevitably restrict the blood flows to the foot and toes, causing a number of foot health issues, such as proof of vascular disease.

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It also damages the nerves by disseminating the outer layer of the nerves, causing sensory profiling and fatigue. Some of the symptoms includes feeling numbness, burning tingling pins and needles, or even was pains or cramps. When remoteness affected people with uncontrolled diabetes might experience muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, or even foot deformity.

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This is dangerous, as they might develop some biomechanical issues, leading to a higher risk of feeling imbalance or fall. Studies have also shown that people with diabetes are more prone to getting dry, cracked skin under their feet as they sweat less.

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It is important to keep your feet healthy when you’ve got diabetes to avoid some that Big Foot complications are life threatening. Hence, I urge you to see a podiatrist or a medical help profession to get your feet checked at least once a year.

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If you have diabetes, or if you have any concerns or notice any unusual changes to your foot health, that’s it for today’s videos, guys. I hope you find this helpful and I’ll see you in a next one. By.

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