Ankle Sprains

The three ligaments that are commonly injured in a lateral ankle sprain (rolling out ankle) are the anterior talofibular ligament, calcaneofibular ligament, and posterior talofibular ligaments. There are many grades of ankle sprain, however if you can’t bear weight after a sprain, it’s time to go straight to the emergency department.

After an ankle sprain, you may feel pain on the outside of the ankle and notice swelling and bruising. You may also find walking is difficult. RICE is most important straight after an acute ankle injury. Rest, ice, compress and elevate the area. By seeing a podiatrist early after an ankle sprain can help manage painful symptoms and promote faster healing. This is done by having a thorough assessment to determine the degree of injury and treatment which may include low level laser which stimulates tissue repair and reduces swelling. Appropriate rehabilitation of the ankle is crucial in preventing recurrent ankle instability; this can include graded exercises for proprioception, strength and flexibility. This should hopefully reduce the need for any further surgical intervention down the track.

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