Heel Pain – What you need to know!

A recent study found that for every 100 people presenting to their GP for heel pain, only 12 get referred to the podiatrist. This is alarming as podiatrists are the specialists in heel pain. I share some key facts about heel pain based on common questions I’ve had in my podiatry clinic.

The biggest mistake with applying RICE

The biggest mistake is with patients who have had long term tendinopathies. They often use the RICE principle – Resting, Icing, Compression, Elevation. However, there is insufficient evidence available that RICE for the application of ankle sprains is useful.

Stop making excuses and make it a habit

Things are constantly changing and evolving which makes it difficult to get into the habit of exercising. I was introduced to the term; Excusitis. We all use it as a barrier to stop us from exercising. I struggled a lot finding that time to exercise. I had to make some small changes to begin with.